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Water Heaters

Marathon water heaterCooperative members are able to purchase high efficiency, Marathon electric water heaters at very competitive prices. The cooperative, in conjunction with East River Electric, offers a $6.00 per gallon rebate on all Marathons purchased by members. In addition, members will receive up to $6.00 per month credit on their electric bill by having the Marathon connected to the load management system. Union County Electric carries three sizes on hand - 50, 85 and 105 gallon models.

Rebate Amount:

  • 50 gallon - $300.00
  • 85 gallon - $510.00
  • 105 gallon - $630.00

All Marathon water heaters come with a lifetime warranty against tank leakage and a six year warranty from the manufacture date on all components for the original owner. If the home in which the Marathon is originally installed is sold, a transferable 15 year warranty is available. The Marathon features Envirofoam insulation which is environmentally friendly and provides an R-value up to 26 so the hot water stays hot reducing running time for the heating elements. The polybutylene inner tank cannot rust or corrode and the low-watt density elements are made to withstand harsh water conditions. The Marathon electric water heater - the last water heater you'll ever have to buy!

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