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Energy Efficiency

Energy Star logoUnion County Electric encourages our members to use all the energy they need, but also to use it wisely. In an effort to promote the efficient use of energy, we provide booklets to our members which detail how to make the most efficient use of electricity in your home, on your farm or in your business. We will do walk through audits of your structures and assist you in making energy improvement decisions. The cooperative has test meters that can be used to measure the electrical use of appliances that you have to determine if replacement is called for. Through the use of our load management system, members are provided options that help them reduce their costs of electricity for air conditioning, heating, crop drying, water heating and irrigation. These "off peak" programs have saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs during the past 20 years. We offer advice on the most energy efficient electrical equipment available and provide cash incentives for the purchase and installation of the equipment.

Union County Electric promotes the most efficient heating/cooling equipment available. This equipment includes:

  • Geothermal heat pumps with efficiencies up to 350%
  • Air-to-Air heat pumps with efficiencies up to 250%
  • Marathon water heaters which are rated among the most efficient in the industry
  • High efficiency electric motors used in agriculture and business applications
  • High efficiency lighting for homes and businesses
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Demand side management programs which provide energy options for members
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